What A Festive Period!!!


Well what a time was had. First thanks has to go to CRAZY BEAR restaurant in Beconsfield. 16 nights I peresented the show. Fabulous artists in the show, ChiChi Revolver and her Hoola Hoops, Sophia St Villier with her fans and Emma Devine singing beautify! I presented the show- sang “Puttin on the Ritz” and “I’m Just a Gigolo”, as well as performing close up magic round all the tables.

Looking forward to next years show!!

Also played the “Bear and Bird” Restaurant in Piccadilly Circus, and loads of Corporate Christmas events. No days off but what fun. New Years Eve saw me playing the Farnbourough Social Club, what a lovely Club that was. New Years day saw me playing at Chobham Social Club. Four and a half hours of singing-that was a bit mad!! Been asked to replay both these events!!

So this was the best EVER Christmas and NewYear!! What a wonderful job I have. Couldn’t have done it all without the love and suport of the woman I love Wendy my wife. 



Last Thursday i was invited to Host the Cabaret show at the “Proud Cabaret” in Brighton. Wonderful event! Chi Chi was there doing her Hoola Hoop act and, of course, we stole the show with our Farthe and Daughter story!!! Looking forward to working for this company next year.

Earlier this month I performed for the Posh Club in Crawley. This is a very unique venue indeed. On the bill was “Queenie” an 81 year old stripper from America. I’ve been invited to perform again there next April.


We’ve gone LIVE on 4OD!

Daughters & Fathers Channel 4

A lovely 4 minute documentary from Channel 4 about me and my lovely daughter Chi Chi…

Take a peek at http://www.channel4.com/programmes/daughters-fathers/4od#3756001
Series 1: Episode 3, ‘Sawdust in my Veins’ 



We have now lost HMS ILLUSTRIOUS, she’s now deccomisioned! However i’m told that if anyone wants to buy her she’s still for sale!!

So pleased to have been booked as the last act to appear on her. Fire show in the wind brilliant!


Ch4 Documentry about us!


Been filming this week for a new series of documentries for ch4. They are all about interesting father and daughter relationships. So they asked us if they could do a documentry about us working together and running a Circus and performing in Night Clubs. Will let everyone know when it will be available for watching!