Credentials & Awards

Entertainer, comedian, magician, musician… and other dangerous stuff!
Fred is a unique and multi-talented performer and musician.
Having started out as a classical actor performing in the West end, he soon realised that he wanted to entertain HIS way… especially when he realised he could make people laugh.

Here began a 30 year career working in the circus which took him all over the world including running a National Circus school in France for 12 years and his own Fred’s Flying Circus for 10 years.

His French Circus, ‘Limited Porridge’ was a huge success, touring shows all over the country and running workshops for children and adults. He then went on to form a comedy double act – Sir Charles et Monsieur Didi which toured theatres all over France.

In 2000 Fred moved back to the UK and since then he toured his very own circus with his lovely daughter Chi Chi, working in small festivals and events countrywide but mainly working in schools helping to raise vital school funds.

Fred comes from a musical family and being a musician has always been a big part of his life. His early music career was mainly classical guitar and then piano but now he enjoys entertaining with either his toe tapping, hip shaking music or his crooning those rat-pack greats.

  • Over 30 years experience of working in circuses all over the world
  • Awarded Street entertainer of the year… twice
  • Performed for HRH Prince Philip on the occasion of his birthday
  • Warm up artist for Madonna at The Tate Modern
  • Director of French National Circus School for 12 years
  • Ran Fred’s Flying Circus, his own successful circus company, for 10 years

Fred is an Equity member and has full public liability insurance

Fred can perform in both English and French.